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About Us

About Us

Mission and Vision

Church building
Church building
Our mission is to be a loving and friendly, Christ-centered church that nurtures both the spiritual and natural needs of our members through sound biblical teachings and preaching along with structural programs and services. We aim to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that it first converts our members into disciples and those disciples into mature fruitful leaders who will in turn make a spiritual and natural impact on the lives of those with whom they come in contact.

We strive to be a beacon of light within our community by offering and implementing service oriented programs along with outreach endeavors geared towards improving the-spiritual and natural needs of those within our immediate community. Our service oriented programs and outreach endeavors will be based on-the principles demonstrated by Jesus Christ during his early ministry of love and kindness.

A Brief History

The history from 1946 to 1955 was collected via the oral tradition

Greater Waltown is a part of the United Holy Church (UHC) of America, Inc., a predominantly Black Pentecostal Holiness Christian denomination. The UHC consists of 516 churches, 17 districts, and eight territories. Greater Waltown is a part of the largest and oldest district of the connected body of the Southern District Convocation. Originally, the church was located on the corner of Berkley Street and Englewood Street in Durham, North Carolina.

Prior to 1946, Elder Cato Caesar was the pastor. He was the uncle of Pastor Shirley Caesar, gospel music singer, songwriter, and recording artist.

In 1946, Elder Derby Bass moved to New York with his family. Included in this move was Elder Bass's young daughter, Ada Bass. Today, Ada is the wife of Bishop Kenneth Robinson, President of the Northern District of the United Holy Church of America, Inc.


In 1947, Elder G. Baldwin became the leader of this small group of people. Some of the saints included Mother Mattie Meeks, Sister Alma Davis, Brother Jim Davis, Sister Luellen Mebane, Sister Beulah Robinson, and Sister Mary Ebutchin.

In 1954, the beloved Elder Henry King was appointed pastor of Waltown Gospel Tabernacle. He was a relentless praying leader. His teachings centered a great deal on the "End Times". He served with his wife Mattie King, a member of Mt. Olive UHC at 808 Lee Street in Durham, NC.

In 1978, Elder Henry King passed away and Elder Charles Waddell became the pastor. Elder Waddell was like King David, "a man after God's own heart." Along with his dear wife, Sister Josephine Waddell, he faithfully served. Elder Waddell taught bible study at Waltown Gospel Tabernacle and sometimes at Mebane Chapel in Hillsborough, NC. He would often say to anyone who was troubled, "Don't worry, I got this." Elder Waddell was a true disciple of truth; he was dedicated to God and mankind. Today, Mother Waddell still serves and is very dedicated to her church family.

In 1983, due to a job transfer with Roses Stores, Reverend Timothy Moore, Sister Florine Moore, and Shaneeka moved from Wilson to Durham. Shortly afterwards, they started attending Waltown and before long, a baby girl was added to the family--Keesha. Reverend Moore became like a son to Pastor Waddell. The two developed a natural and spiritual bond that could not be broken.

With a modest congregation of about 35 people, God told Elder Waddell to build a church. In 1987, the congregation transitioned from a small place with one bathroom and a choir stand that could only seat about 15 people comfortably to a new home at 706 Belvin Avenue. After much discussion, the congregation decided to add "Greater" so that the church did not lose its identity.

In the spring of 2000, God called Pastor Charles Waddell home to receive his heavenly reward. Following the death of Pastor Waddell, Elder Timothy Moore, with his wife Sister Florine Moore by his side, accepted the responsibility to become the shepherd over the flock of Greater Waltown United Holy Church. He continues the teaching of love and living right of both Elder Henry King Sr. and Elder Charles Waddell. In addition, Elder Moore teaches the congregation the importance of balancing family, church and career. He also stresses constantly the importance of living right, loving one another, praying and studying God's Word. Under the leadership of Elder Moore, Greater Waltown has positioned itself to be more than just an ordinary church but also a refuge shelter and resource center for those needing to be serve both naturally and spiritually.

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