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About MTP

About MTP

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Purpose and Mission

The purpose of UCC is to educate and prepare men and women for leadership in the various ministries and vocations of the Christian church. Commitment to Jesus Christ establishes that purpose and thereby inspires UCC's mission. That mission is to provide the church, particularly the United Holy Church districts, and education community in which Christian maturity and ministerial preparation my together take place.

In pursuing its purpose and mission, UCC incorporates into its programs the spiritual, personal, intellectual, and professional components of a rigorous theological education, essential for effective Christian witness and ministerial practice. Founded and supported by the Southern District Convocation of the United Holy Church of America, UCC takes seriously the challenge to prepare men and women of all walks of life or Christian ministry. It gives special attention to the preparation necessary for effective ministry and development of holistic ministry.


United Christian College was founded to make available valid and affordable Theological degrees to all who labor in His service. The dedicated staff at UCC reflects the high standard of administration, instruction, and guidance. The student can be assured the Christian way is our way. The tuition is noticeable lower when compared to similar schools; it is intended to be that way. "Man does not live by bread alone." Because the income of those who labor for the Master does not compare favorably with other demanding professions, UCC's tuition and study materials are consistently reasonable. Financial assistance is assured for every student.

United Christian College: A Brief History

The United Christian College, formerly the Bible Training Institute, had its beginning in the mind of the late Bishop J. D. Diggs of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, many years ago. He labored long and timelessly near and far, to inspire our people regarding the need for an education department in The United Holy Church of America.

The church first adapted the idea, passed a resolution and organized the education department of the United Holy Church with Bishop Diggs being elected as "Secretary of Education." He was the principle officer of the organization at that time.

The first classroom work was done in 1925 when the college was opened in a small church building in north Goldsboro, North Carolina, and housed in Pentecostal Holy Church.

In 1944, it moved to the new auditorium and education building at 500 Gulley Street, which was to be the home for the college.

The United Christian College is a Bible College, a distinct facility for training Christian workers and pastors for a lifetime of Christian service. It is located in Goldsboro, North Carolina, only a short distance from the downtown business area. The college has grown tremendously since its inception and continues to make significant progress in its curriculum and developing.

The Board of Trustees, President, and Faculty are working diligently to enlarge the college's program and improve the relationship between the school, community, The Southern District Convocation, The United Holy Church of America, and other institutions.

2 Timothy 2:15 ~ "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

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